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Beyond the classroom, to study abroad means to offer benefits that will enrich your life in ways you never imagined. To study overseas is an exhilarating journey of personal growth, cultural immersion, and professional development. Why study abroad? Here are some answers!

Cultural enrichment

Immerse yourself in new cultures when you study abroad by providing a deeper understanding of different ideas, customs and traditions. A survey by the British Council found that 76% of students studying abroad feel it helps them understand the world better. Embracing a unique culture can enhance your creativity and problem-solving skills, while exposing you to unique ways of thinking and solving challenges.

Personal Growth

Living abroad on your own challenges you to step out of your comfort zone. You become more self-reliant, adaptable and flexible. In fact, an International Education Institute survey of students found that 97% of students said studying abroad boosts their confidence

Language Skills

If you study overseas - in a country where another language is spoken, you may become better at that language. This is a valuable skill in today’s global job market. Speaking multiple languages can increase your earning potential, and studies show that bilingual individuals can earn more than their monolingual counterparts.


International networking with peers and professors can open doors to future career opportunities. Networking is a global must, it boosts your career prospects in a connected world. According to a LinkedIn survey, 85% of jobs are filled through networking.

Higher Education Opportunities

Many countries offer unique programs and courses that you cannot find in your home country. This can be especially useful in specialized areas of study. For example, the UK is known for its strong creative arts and design programmes.

Resume Enhancement

International experience stands out on your resume and shows employers that you are adaptable, open-minded and able to work in teams. In fact, a British Council survey found that 64% of employers consider international experience when hiring.

Adventure and Exploration

The study abroad trip is not limited to your host country. Its proximity to neighboring countries and provinces makes it easy to travel and explore. For example, Europe offers excellent opportunities to explore different cultures and landscapes at a distance.

Residency Opportunities

To study overseas can be a long-term option. Many countries offer international students transfer opportunities to permanent residency. For example, temporary graduate visas (subclass 485) in Australia allow recent graduates to work, study, or stay in the country for a short period after study, and potentially settle you permanently Our migration services can guide you through these processes to ensure you make the most of your time abroad.

Work While Studying

A fantastic opportunity for international students is the possibility of working part-time after completing their degree. This not only pays for living expenses but also provides valuable work experience. StudentWorld can help you understand the law and find a suitable job during your studies.

Career Advancement

Studying abroad not only enhances your education but also enhances your career. Universities offer vocational training and cooperative courses, and countries like Canada have programs such as postgraduate work permits. These can provide valuable work experience and pave the way for your professional development.
These benefits, combined with the expertise and support of the StudentWorld team, can truly make your international education journey transformative.
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Ahmad Kar

Big fan. I came to Australia through Student World for a masters and now i am applying for my citizenship. Thank you for your efforts I appreciate everything. I now recommend my friends to contact your company whenever i have the chance. Keep on the good work. Cheers!

Melody Ferrer

Ms. J gave the best assistance from start to finish with consistent follow up and updates

Bianca RiveraCo founder, Coffee Inc

We commend Jestle for being organized, direct, and clear in guiding us and addressing our concerns. She was very helpful and it is clear that she is an expert in her service.

Dorothy Steve

Student World helped out from the beginning till we got into Australia and they have been of a great help, Thank you. We love all you do, thank you

Mariana Grassi

I have always been assisted by SW in my studies here in Australia, in particular Fabio who has been a great help. I have found the whole service, extremely professional, friendly and prompt. I personally think that SW is made up of people who are knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy. I recommend them to anyone who wish to extend their visa or find the most suitable course to study in Australia.

Vanessa Pino

Estoy muy agradecida con Student World por la ayuda y atencion que me dio, con mis estudios e incluso con trabajos y acomodacion en Sydney-Australia

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